The secrets of organic coffee

Cocoa beans come from plantations. Before they arrive to our cups as coffee, they need to be picked, roasted and ground.

There are two kinds of coffee: arabica and robusta. The first one is better in quality and taste, but much harder to cultivate. What we call coffee refers to roasted cocoa seeds, which grow in bunches like cherries. Most often red and shiny. They taste quite similair. Arabica grows higher than robusta,and has higher requirements for cultivation. It matures for longer, which makes it sweeter and more aromatic. Thanks to cultivations placed in mountain and tropical regions theres no way for industrial farms, ones which use artificial fertilizers, hormones, pesticides or other chemicals used to get rid of pests and fungi. Those factors kill the taste of coffee. Raw coffee is greenish-gray, only after proper roasting does it develop it's proper brown colour. The taste of coffee depends on the roasting time and method.

Our organic coffee comes from Honduras, were it's cultivated on a height of 1500-2000 meters above sea level. The taste profile of Honduras coffee is characterised by lower acidity when compared to other coffees from central America with clear hints of caramel.

Drinking coffee can improve blood circulation, improve our efficiency and our physical finess. It serves well to a slimming diet, since it can speed up metabolism. Because of coffee body fat can be burned much faster. Coffee can also lower the feeling of hunger. It contains more than a thousand antioxidants, it can help slow down the processes of aging, eliminate inflammation and protect cells from damage.

A good product quality of organic products can be synonymous with the quality of coffee. A morning with a good coffee, a breakfast made of high quality organic products is unbeatable. It's a moment of pleasure and a great start of the day.