Quality policy

Quality policy

NaturAvena's mission is fulfilling the expectations of our customers, understanding their needs and supplying them with the best products. Because of that, the company lays a lot of emphasis on the best quality of the articles and services we offer. Thanks to such an approach, our company has gained the trust of a wide circle of consumers while building the position of one of the leaders of organic food production.

Goals regarding the quality of ingredients and production

Świadomi znaczenia jakości surowców dla bezpieczeństwa spożywanej żywności, stawiamy sobie za główny cel wprowadzenie na rynek tylko najlepszych i starannie wyselekcjonowanych produktów.

Conscious about the importance of high quality products for the safety of the food we consume, we set our main goal to be introducing only the best and carefully selected products onto the market.

Additionally, our goals and priorities are focused on:

  • Meeting the requirements of the Quality Systems and continuously raising their effectiveness by perfecting the production processes
  • Lowering the probability of risks occuring, which can influence the quality and safety of the finished product
  • Introducing products compliant with polish and european nutritional norms onto the market
  • Proper managing and modernizing the infrastructure of the organization 
  • Maintaining the trust and continuous raising of our customer's satisfaction
  • Poszerzaniu oferty produktowej zgodnie z najnowszymi trendami rynkowymi
  • Eliminating factors that have a negative impact on the enviroment and work safety


Fulfilling the goals of the quality policy

The basis of our company's success is the use of carefully selected ingredients sourced from organic, certified farms for the production of food. We obtain the most valuable ingredients thanks to long-term relationships with suppliers. All product deliveries are constantly monitored and appraised considering the quality of the products, storage, transport and compliance with nutritional norms. Research on the ingredient quality is done in an external accredited laboratory and internally by a qualified food technologist employed in the company. Additionally, employees are engaged in constant searching for new, valuable ingredients and new products compliant with the expectations and requirements of our customers.

Assuring the safety of food in the company is among the responsibilities of every employee. Additionally, each of them is engaged in working on perfecting the system of assuring the quality and eliminating the risks and mistakes. Because of that, the company lays a lot of emphasis on educating and raising the qualifications of all employees by organizing internal and external training courses. Thanks to that it employs highly specialized employees, aware of the company's vision.

The location of the factory and warehouse guarantees full accessibility of the products as well as quick and smooth delivery. We modernize and automate our industrial plant, introduce new technologies, increase the warehouse area and introduce new Quality Management systems. At the same time we take care of safety and proper working conditions as well as the purity of the environment.

Obligations towards the quality policy

The Quality Policy listed above is shaped to fulfill the expectations of customers and be acceptable by the polish and european standards, norms and food certificates. 

The document is properly communicated and distributed to every employee. It's systematically controlled by a properly qualified team of employees, in order to make sure it's relevant and up to date.

The company provides the necessary resources and assets in orther to fulfill the established strategy. It's obliged to follow and maintain the rules of the Quality Policy and guarantees full engagement of all employees.

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