Vegetable stock cube

Symbol KOS WA60
Category: Spices
EAN: 5902367405915
Symbol: KOS WA60

sea salt, maltodextrin*, corn starch*, shea butter*, vegetables (onion 1,8%*, carrot 1,7% *, leek 1,7%*, tomatoes 1,2% *, bell pepper 1,2% *, celery 1,1% *, garlic 0,7%*), sunfower oil*, yeast extract, spices*,  herbs* (celery leaves), caramelized sugar*.
* products come from certified, controlled organic farms


Stock cubes are a composition of organic herbs and spices recommended for soups, sauces, pastas and various other dishes. The stock cubes do not contain sodium glutamate or palm oil. With them you'll easily prepare a healthy soup for your entire family.

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