Uses of hummus

Ways of using hummus

Traditional hummus is a paste based on chickpeas with various additions such as peppers, tomatoes, lemon, cranberries, etc. It's perfectly known by vegans and vegetarians. This delicious dip not only tastes great, it also contains many valuable components such as fibre, protein and monosaturated fatty acids.

Learn 5 ways to use this delicious paste…

Hummus for breakfast of lunch

The most basic way is just to spread it over fresh bread or toast. Additionally you can put vegetables and herbs on top. In a more ambitious variant you can add it to scrambled eggs. You should add the paste to the eggs before they coagulate and mix.

Hummus-based salad dressing

Mix two or three tablespoons of hummus, one tablespoon of apple vinegar, a bit of salt and pepper and a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix everything and pour into your favourite salad.

Dip for roasting meat and fish

Hummus works perfectly when combined with meat. It particularly suits chicken or tuna. Mix a tablespoon of dried cranberries, almonds, half an apple and a bit of onion. Combine the ingredients with hummus, yoghurt and spices. Spread over a chicken breast and roast in an oven.

Pasta sauce

Mix cooked pasta with hummus. Add roasted or smoked salmon or cubed chicken. Chop fresh and dried tomatoes. Mixeverything and it's done.

Snack dip

Hummus works perfectly as a dip for fresh and grilled vegetables. It fits great with cubed fruits. Tastes good with crackers and breadsticks.