Molasses - the world's black gold

Molasses is a side product in the production of sugar. It resembles a dark and thick syrup. It's usually used as a sugar substitute, but we can use it in other interesting ways. It's really healthy, it contains A, D and B vitamins and various minerals (magnesium, phosphor, potassium, manganese, iron). It's also a natural source of flavonoids, antioxidants and protein.

Molasses has many properties, which can:

  • assist in healing and preventing anaemia
  • assist in maintaining proper heart rythm
  • influence memory and concentration
  • help fall asleep and regulate functioning of the nervous system
  • reduce atherosclerosis damage
  • contains components, which help maintain a proper level of blood glucose and cholesterol

Apart from being great at sweetening dishes and beverages, molasses works perfectly as a marinade, especially in asian cuisine. It's a perfect product for sweetening baked goods, coffee and tea. It fits great as a substitute for jam, honey or conserves. Baking bread with added molasses gives it a delicious spicy taste.

Molasses is available in stores in many flavour variants such as beetroot, grape or mulberry. Choosing this product you should remember that it should't contain artificial ingredients. The best and healthiest are those which have a completely natural flavour.