Himalayan salt healthy table salt substitute

It's hard to imagine preparing dishes without adding salt. Paradoxically, the opinions of doctors and nutritionists about it are negative. Thats why it's recommended to minimize it's consumption. Despite a pro-health trend, the consumption of salt in many countries exceeds acceptable norms, because it's added in large amounts to commonly consumed food such as rice, cured meats, cheeses, etc.  

Nutritionists recommend eliminating white salt from the diet and using it's better alternative - himalayan salt. Himalayan salt with a pink colour is much healthier than traditional table salt. It's considered to be the cleanest and best salt. It contains 84 minerals such as iodine, iron, magnesium or calcium which makes it good at replenishing mineral deficiencies in the body. Mineral content can heavily influence the proper functioning of the organism: improve the circulatory system, lower blood pressure, have an antibacterial as well as a detoxing effect. Himalayan salt has a wide variety of uses in the kitchen, you can use it to prepare any dish. Apart from that it has found a use in body cosmetics: it's added to relaxing baths and anti-cellulite peelings.

Availability of himalayan salt is very wide, you can buy it in organic food stores, supermarkets and online stores. You should remember to buy salt with a colour other than white, light or dark pink, even red. That kind of salt is most valuable, since it contains the most healthy minerals.