Delicious tofu in various ways

For a long time tofu has been present in traditional far-eastern cuisine. Can be served both cold and hot in a wide variety of different configurations, which makes it a pleasure to work with in the kitchen.

Tofu in traditional and international cuisine

Tofu can be used as a substitute in many culinary experiments, replacing meat or cheese. A few good examples of dishes using tofu as an ingredient are: pizza, salads, soups, casseroles.

Grated or blended tofu

Blended tofu with a creamy consistency is perfect for preparing stuffings and creams, savoury baked goods and various types of sandwich spreads. Grated tofu can be a great addition for salads, casseroles, risottos and scrambled eggs.

Sweet tofu

Soak tofu slices in maple syrup (or other fruit syrup), then cover with coconut flakes, sesame or nuts. This dish can be baked, fried or even eaten raw. Tofu can be also used for preparing desserts or sweet baked goods.

Fry, grill, bake

Tofu can be fried, grilled or baked. Just take care of a proper marinade and side dishes such as dips, sauces or vegetables. Tofu can be used as a replacement for many meat-based dishes such as hamburgers, kebabs and breaded cutlets.

Tofu stuffing

Tofu works perfectly as a stuffing for meat-based dishes. Works perfectly with vegetables such as bell peppers or eggplants. It's also added to pastas, ricotta, casseroles, etc.