NaturaVena Be conscious - live healthy

NaturaVena is one of the country's leaders in production of organic and natural food. Thanks to a wide offer of products, abiding by the highest norms of product and ingredient quality and the involvement of an experienced and passionate team-the company is developing at a really fast pace.

NaturaVena a manufacturer of organic and natural food

For 10 year we supply the polish market with highest quality products sourced from controlled organic farms. Additionally, we've broadened our offer by natural food. Our company's strategy is based on propagating a balanced diet basedonproducts which do not contain artificial and processed additives. We pay high attention to precisely following the norms of quality and production control. A qualified team of highly commited workers takes care of using proper production technologies, which keep the best nutritional and flavour values of each product.

A wide portfolio of NaturAvena brand products

The dynammic growth of the NaturaVena brand has resulted in a wide and diverse product portfolio. A number of nutrition and food technology experts carefully research the market, consumer demand and trends connected with balanced food. Because of that, in the last year we've increased our assortment by about 30%. We've increased our offer to include more products connected to allergies, for example gluten or lactose. We've increased our assortment of food for vegans, vegetarians and diabetics. We've supplemented our offer of: oils, sugar replacements, spices, juices, flours, cereals, herbal teas, and many other product groups of our own brand.

NaturaVena manufacturer and distributor

The main activity of the company is the production of organic and natural food. Additionally, we distribute articles of other highly regarded brands, both polish and foreign. We're open for new challenges, which will help the further development of the healthy food market in Poland and our company.